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Conference Proposal: Social Media Literacy in Higher Education

Social Media Literacy in Higher Education: "Teaching How to Fish the Seas of Digital Information via Multiple Vessels"

PRIMARY SPEAKER: Andrew Lee Smith, MLIS, Dominican University, 2010. andrewl2smith[at]yahoo[dot]com.

PROGRAM FORMAT: Poster Session

PROGRAM TRACK: Evolution is Higher Education

DESCRIPTION: Social media are already popular amongst college students, though many may be unaware of their learning potential. Discover how to equip scholars with savvy skills to help them maximize the educational utility of social media.


I. Social Media Defined

II. Social Media Devices

III. Social Media Software, with demonstrations of scholarly use
i. Webinars
ii. Podcasts
iii. Twitter
iv. Youtube
v. Facebook
vi. LinkedIN
vii. Flickr
viii. Mobile Apps
ix. Txt Messages
x. Slideshare

IV. Privacy

V. Copyright
i. Creative Commons Licensing
ii. Fair Use

VI. Etiquette
i. Social Media Policy
ii. Common social media courtesy

VII. Utility
i. Networking
ii. Managing Information
iii. Research
iv. News


1. Increase librarians' and educators' overall knowledge of available social media and utilities so that they may spread awareness to scholars.
2. Demonstrate best social media instructional practices, which, when followed, will increase efficiency of scholars' learning of how to use social media effectively.
3. Inform on issues and concerns, both common and uncommon, in order to ensure that teachers will inform scholars how to best avoid any problems or harms that could possibly result through the use of social media.

AUDIO/VISUAL REQUIREMENTS: Overhead projector linked in to computer. Handheld clicker for advancing slides. Sound system linked to computer.

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