Whether administering events, or transitioning entire systems to new software interfaces, careful project management can help ensure a smooth success. When managing projects, the following nine areas of knowledge merit consideration:

1. Integration

2. Scope

3. Time

4. Cost

5. Quality

6. Human resources

7. Communication

8. Risk

9. Procurement



Mindfulness of patrons' user experience, in both the physical and digital library, helps to ensure their satisfaction and future patronage. In the creation and provision of information services, information must be:

1. Useful

2. Usable

3. Desirable

4. Findable

5. Accessible

6. Credible



Drew's reference interview methodology is based on RUSA's Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers:

1. Be friendly and welcoming to all patrons, always.

2. Establish context of the question while respecting privacy.

3. Confirm the question to ensure precise searching.

4. Intervene with information supplementary to the search.


Information literacy is vital for education and social progress. Scholars and citizens alike can become inundated and misled by irrelevant and faulty information. Librarians must demonstrate and teach information literacy skills according to the standards set forth by the ALA:

"An information literate individual is able to:


Drew Smith is a reference and instruction librarian currently studying for the CompTIA A+ exams. He returned from teaching English in Seoul, South Korea in March of 2015, and inspected electrical equipment for Utility Data Contractors in Waukesha, Wisconsin while envisioning his next steps in the realm of the library.


Drew speaks on libraries, people, and technology


Invited Plenary Sessions

Darden, Jr., C. and Smith, D. (2013, June). Peripatetic Librarians at a Community College: (i) Roving Reference at Kennedy-King College Library. American Library Association Poster Session, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.


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